Dermatology department also diagnoses and treats all skin, nails, hair and scalp diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from these, services are also provided for sweating and cosmetic botox applications, cosmetic treatments and anti-aging (methods to slow aging).

Procedures performed in our hospital…

Radiofrequency-Electrocauterization: They are used to cremate nevus and warts all over the body.

Cryotherapy: It is the application of liquid nitrogen, which has freezing properties up to 197 degrees below zero, by thermos pistol method. It is a method of mass melting by freezing without even local anesthesia.

Botox: Botox is a needle application that is very practical to create skin rejuvenation and a young look. With this application, you can get rid of wrinkles and lines in a very short time. Cosmetic botox provides an extremely effective improvement in wrinkles around the eye and forehead, especially for 4-6 months starting from the 10th day with a 15-minute application. Botox is also applied in hand and foot sweats, especially under the armpit. It is effective for 6-8 months.

Areas where botox can be applied: Botox can be injected into all areas with complaints such as wrinkles and lines.

  • Glabella – Eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Nose edges
  • Temples
  • Eye frame (bottom and upper side of eye, goose feet)
  • Upper side of lip
  • Laughing and bottom lip lines
  • Jaw – Neck – Decollete
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Hand sweating
  • Leg sweating
  • Armpit sweating
  • Migraine Treatment with Botox

Filling Application:

One of the most commonly used methods in the field of medical aesthetics is hyaluronic acid filling applications. The deep wrinkles, sagging or sagging cheeks on the face disappear and the natural contours of the face return with the aesthetic filling application, which has been used for years to remove thin lines on the face or to give volume to the face. Fillers in transparent and colorless gel form an integrity by mixing with skin tone color at the top of the skin.

The main purpose of the filling can be as filling the areas with loss of volume on the face, removing the grooves between the nose and lip corners and the lines around the lip, highlighting the cheek and cheekbone, and improving the eye sockets and bruises. 

The areas where the fillers are used most:

  • Acne traces
  • Lines on the forehead
  • Grooves around nose and mouth
  • Lip augmentation
  • Lip filling
  • Radial lines around the lip
  • Eye wrinkles around the eye
  • Under-Eye Light Filling
  • Under-eye bags and through
  • Light Filling
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Philtrum lines
  • Temples and lower jaw
  • Deformities caused by trauma or accident
  • Correction of some asymmetries in the body
  • Cheek and cheekbone augmentation 

Who is suitable for the application?

Those who complain of volume loss on their faces, want to have more prominent cheekbones and lips are suitable candidates for this procedure 

How to Apply?

Many fillers are produced in ready-made sterile injectors in gel form and injected to the desired area. Anaesthetic cream is applied to minimize the feeling of pain before application. It is not necessary to wait to see the effect in this application. The effect is immediate after the procedure. 

How long does its effect last?

Duration of permanence is at least 6-12 months depending on the density of filling material used and varies from person to person. 

Gold Needle: Non-operative methods are more appropriate especially for those who are afraid of anesthesia and want to return to their work and daily life in a short time after the procedure. Gold needle can also be applied as non-surgical facelift, skin rejuvenation and stain treatment. Since it is intervened by adding heat to the skin with microneedles, thanks to the conductivity of the gold, the tissue is stimulated without deterioration and collagen is activated to renew the skin itself.

The areas where the gold needle is used:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-Aging (wrinkle treatment)
  • Lifting
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Scar treatments
  • Acne traces
  • Skin scars
  • Hair loss

Acne Treatment: General and regional skin care is performed. In this treatment (in the skin with acne), acne cleansing is ensured and it is aimed to restore the balance of the skin by cleaning it and preventing acne formation.

Stain treatments: Stain treatments are the treatment methods applied to provide shine and vitality to the skin by eliminating skin problems such as acne scars and scars caused by time or physical factors.

Carbon Peeling: It is a method used to treat problems such as the width of pores in the skin, irregularity of fats and skin sagging. After cleansing of the skin, carbon serum, which has the feature of penetrating the skin, is applied and the skin is allowed to absorb the serum and laser is applied to the skin. In this way, shrinkage in the pores of the skin, decrease in wrinkles and skin tension are obtained.

Chemical Peeling: Chemical peeling is a method of applying peeling to the skin with various acidic and some chemical agents. Peeling is the process of peeling away the worn layer covering the non-worn and healthy layer of the skin. In this way, more vibrant, tenser and smoother skin is obtained. Chemical peeling can be commonly applied with glycolic acids obtained from superficial sugar beet, lactic acids found in milk. After pelling process, in case of formation of shells, it should not peeled and you should definitely avoid the sun.

P.R.P. Skin Treatment: Along with aging, changes in the skin occur due to the effect of physical changes. These have injury-like effects on the skin. In this respect, skin rejuvenation and injury treatments are similar. In P.R.P. procedure, the platelet-rich part of the blood taken from the person is separated and injected to the treatment area. In this way, the growth factor is released. Skin problems such as wrinkles, acne scars are largely eliminated and the skin is renewed. There are many conditions in which cell regeneration treatment with P.R.P. is effective. It is commonly used in hair treatments alone as well as to accelerate healing process in cases such as wounds and cracks where skin is damaged for the purpose of correcting skin wrinkles due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, removing cavities, regaining flexibility and shine in the skin.

Facial Meso Lifting: Mesolifting, which can be applied to eliminate wrinkles that occur in anti-aging applications and aging process that delay aging, refers to skin stretching. Mesolifting is the process of replacing the substances that are missing in the skin with aging. Instead of administering various minerals and vitamins with anti-aging properties to the body, direct administration in the form of mesotherapy increases the effectiveness of the drugs in the required areas and prevents the fatigue of other organs. The number of sessions may vary based on the person’s condition. 

Plasma Pen Application: It is a popular treatment method that causes the least damage to the tissue and provides skin renewal with very low energy used in eye aesthetics, unwanted moles, wrinkle treatment, and removal of thick cracks.

Mesotherapy (hair, face and anti-aging): It is the method of administering drugs such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid to the area with complaints by cocktail or separate injection to the surface. It is applied in many areas such as hair loss, stain treatment, anti-aging. It increases cell regeneration and elasticity of the skin. 

Laser Epilation: Laser epilation is the permanent and healthy destruction of unwanted hair by using laser energy. Our devices in our hospital are Alexandrite, Diode Laser and Needle Epilation. All of our devices are FDA approved. It does not harm human health at all.

Lymph Drainage: Lymph drainage massage is the most important application especially to reduce edema. It is an extremely light, monotonous, slow, rhythmic massage on the skin surface. It accelerates the flow of lymph fluid and minimizes swelling and provides comfort.

Medical Skin Care: Medical skin care, which offers personalized methods to meet the specific needs of your skin, helps revive and deeply clean and refresh your skin. 

Classic Skin Care: It is the type of care that is carried out in accordance with all skin types. It helps the skin to revive, clean and gain freshness. This maintenance includes cleaning, steam and healing mask. It takes about one and half hour. The process is provided by using dermocosmetics products.

Oxygen Care: It is a type of care that is applied to dry and sensitive skin and also prevents the expansion of capillaries and provides brightness, moisture, PH and balance to the skin.

Hair Transplantation: Hair transplantation is the process of removing the hair follicles from the neck area that does not have a genetic tendency to fall out and placing them on the empty front parts. The newly placed hair follicles protect their shedding resistant genes as in the neck area. Applications such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, moustache and wound site hair transplantation are also performed with the same methods. The procedure can take 2-10 hours depending on the size of the area. All procedures are performed under local anesthesia and you can return home immediately after the procedure on the same day. It is not a painful method. Since there are no incisions or stitches in the FUE method we frequently apply, there are no scars.