Your health is safe with us

OPTIMED HOSPITAL provides diagnosis and treatment services at certified healthcare standards with experienced & qualified staff, strong infrastructure, advanced technology, and ISO accreditation.

OPTIMED develops with the satisfaction of the patients and aims to pioneer reliable and high quality healthcare services by combining the guest-focused approach, experienced doctors and surgeons, qualified team and multidisciplinary work. By using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, OPTIMED takes care of its patients health.

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    About Us

    Our basic primate as a Special Optimized Hospital; Scientific and technological developments in the light of our people to improve the quality of life to contribute to health and to contribute to health problems in the shortest time…

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    Our Quality Policy

    Implementing quality standards, passing them through eyes, and being a leading organization in terms of continuous improvements and quality. To provide quality and accessible health care with respect to patients’ rights…

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    Health Managers

    Recognize our health care managers who are responsible for the organization and execution of the work, the provision of the necessary staff, tools and supplies to the departments, the preparation of the budget and the regular maintenance…

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    Board of Directors

    In 2008, Optimum; Ideal environment, optimal situation, best, most efficient, most economical. Medical; Recognize our governing body that takes the first step of Optimed by saying all of the medical practices to protect health and achieve health.

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    Our Environmental Policy

    Özel Optimed Hastanesi; Has adopted the principles of “Sustainable Development” in all health services in order to leave a livable world for future generations. We are confidently moving forward in the direction of being respectful…

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    Human Resources

    It is believed that the first condition of success is respect for the person and the dignity of man, and the development of human resources and its development is believed to be the most valuable factor of a permanent institution.