Our Environmental Policy

Waste Management

• Sorting the waste in its source and giving them to licenced firms to make them less harmful to nature and people.
• Separating recyclable waste from others and giving them to licenced firms in order to reduce energy and resource losses.
• Using recyclable materials.
• Reducing the use of eco-toxic materials which damage the environment; using nature-friendly products.
• Organizing studies in order to reduce waste amount, organizing educations.
• Certify that our waste gas which is exhausted into nature is optimal for legal regulations by measurements of authorized laboratory.

Legal Regulations

• Completely act on all international and national environmental regulations, guidelines and statutes.
Raising Awareness
• Educating our employees into perfection and maket hem eco friendly people.
• Raise the awarenessof out patients about environment and maket hem respectful to nature.
• Check on our supplier and maket hem eco friendlyby education.
Respecting the Nature
• Using our energy and water sources in the most economic and efficient way and protect them with technology.

Environmental Management System

• Using environmental management system actively and apply it, do reformation on them to make it go further.

Worker’s Health and Safety

• Acting on the rules of worker’s health and safety and prevent the damage on environment.
• Defining risks and lowering dangers for emegent situations about environment.

Management Commitment

• Management accepts and commits to provide all the necessary materials and workforce for any kinds improvisation about environment.