Spc. Dr. Hasan YARDIM

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Spc. Dr. Hasan Yardım

Area of Expertise Internal Medicine

Working Hours 09.00-18.00

09.00 – 18.00

General Informations

First Name-Surname: Hasan YARDIM
Date of Birth: 1976
Place of Birth: Mardin
E-Mail Adress: hasanyardim@optimedhastanesi.com
Interest: –

Education Informations

Graduated From Faculty of Medicine / Graduated Year:
• 2001 – Cukurova University Medicine Faculty
• 2009 – Van Centenary University Medicine Faculty
Academic Title: Internal Medicine
Foreign Language: English

Vocational Education and Experience

Missions After Graduation:
• 2002 – 2004 Sanliurfa Viransehir Health Center
• 2004 – 2009 Van Centary University
• 2009 – 2010 Van Training and Research Hospital
• 2010 – 2011 Kesan Government Hospital
• 2011 – Private Optimed Hospital

Vocational Education, Courses:
• 2002 – Ministry of Health Malaria Control Department (Basic Malaria Education)

• 2006 – 8th National Internal Diseases Congress

• 2007 – Cardiometabolic Risk Management Course

• 2008 – 10th National Hypertension and Kidney Diseases Congress2008 – Cardiac; Vascular Protection, Treatment Options

• 2008 – Novo Nordisk 4th Pgr Symposium

• 2009 – 11th National Internal Diseases Congress

• 2009 – World Hypertension Congress the 11th International Symposium

• 2010 – Family Medicine 1st Stage Compliance Training Certificate2010 – 1st World Symposium on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases

• 2010 – 12th European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE 2010)2010 – Interactive ECG Course for Practice2010 – 12th National Internal Diseases Congress

• 2010 – American Society of Hypertension2011 – Practical Approach Course in Simulator Accompanied Emergency Cases2011 – 13th National Internal Diseases CongressAssociations and Fellowships That Being Member:

• Turkish Internal Medicine Specialist AssociationTurkish Hypertension and Kidney Diseases AssociationMember of the Turkish Medical Association

Associations and Fellowships That Being Member:
• Türk İç Hastalıkları Uzmanlık Derneği
• Türk Hipertansiyon ve Böbrek Hastalıkları Derneği
• Türk Tabipler Birliği Üyesi

Scientific Research:
Scientific Research:- Xvi. National cancer congress van region esophageal cancersAnalysis of 179 cases with descriptive features- Turkish journal of nephrology dialysis and transplantation postpartum renalFailure and acute hepatitis e virus infection a case report- Febrile neutropenia symposium, evaluation of culture results and empirical antibiotic treatment results in patients with acute leukemia who developed neutropenic feverFebrile neutropenic symposium, 2008 ankara- Clin appl. Thromb. Hemost. Retrospective and prospective evaluation of internal jugular vein thrombosis in hemodialysis patients with central venous catheters.- Clin appl. Thromb. Hemost. 2012- J buon; modified as the primary treatment regimen in patients with gastric cancer d. C. F. Treatment- J buon, 2013