Patient's Guide

Whether the patient is ill or healthy, whether or not the health condition is urgent or not, We have created a Patient’s Guide for you in order to transfer all kinds of information that you need in the process of receiving services either at home or in the hospital.

The reader, who can actively use our guide, can easily access the health care services he needs without asking anyone; We can have basic information about our institution, health workers and health services and understand what many medical terms used by health professionals in the health care procurement process.

Our esteemed patients;

Our aim is to make your room known, your settlement and as soon as possible comfortable. We hope you will feel like you are at home during your stay in our hospital using the Patient’s Guide.

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    Contracted Health Care Providers

    You can look up a list of many institutions and organizations such as corporations, associations, chambers, trade unions, banks and private insurers that our Özel Optimed Hastanesi and Medical Centers are contracted to on our accredited institutions.

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    Patients Responsibilities

    In addition to patient rights, the term “Patient Responsibility” has emerged recently. Can be described as the duties and obligations the patient has to fulfill without resorting to a health institution and in the process after the application.

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    Patients Rights

    Because man is only human, he takes some steps to the world by earning some birthright rights. The concept of right is a universal concept. In short, Can be defined as ‘the authority recognized by the rules of law’. Find out your rights.

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    Visiting A Patient

    Our patients who wish to come to visit our patients in our hospital are absolutely necessary rules to follow. Our rules are applied and emphasized to protect the health and morale of our patients.