Patient Responsibilities

Our esteemed patients, your responsibilities;

Recently with Patients Rights the concept of Patients Responsibilities has emerged
The content and scope of this concept have not yet been defined. However, in general, it can be described as the patient’s duties and obligations that should be observed before approaching a health institution and in the period after he or she has approached it. It is possible to outline the patient’s responsibilities, and we can list them briefly in the following articles:

1. General Responsibilities

1.1.Patients should do their best to care for their health and follow the advices for a healthy life

1.2.Person can donate blood or organs if the conditions are proper.

1.3. Persons should do their self-care in simple occasions.

2. Social Security Conditions

2.1.Patients have to report the changes on their health, social security and personal information on time.

2.2. Patients have to renew their health book visas (e.g. Bağ-Kur, green card-health card for uninsured people in Turkey) on time.

3. Informing Health Care Personnel

3.1.Patients have to provide the information about their complaints, past diseases, treatments they had as in-patient, drugs they use if present and all about their health completely.

4. Obeying Hospital Rules

4.1.Patients have to obey the rule and procedures of the health institute they applied

4.1.Patients have to obey the referring chain which is defined by Ministry of Health or other Social Security Institutions.

4.2. Patients are expected to be in cooperation with heal

5. Compliance to the suggestions about treatment

5.1. Patients have to care for the advices about treatment-drugs, and ask when they do not understand a point.

5.2. Patients should inform health care personnel if there is a condition that may cause difficulty in adaptation and cooperation about the advices on their treatment.

5.3. Patients are expected to indicate if they understood the health care plan and the care plan after discharge thoroughly as expected.

5.4. Patients are responsible of any negative results that may happen if they refuse the treatment or do not follow the advices.