Visiting A Patient

Please consider these points when visiting a patient

The purpose of visiting a patient is;

• To boost the morale of patients and their relatives, support the treatment.

• To provide some of their needs from outside.

• To communicate with their doctor, get information.

The patients who are inconvenient for visiting are;

• Intensive care patients

• Patients who just got out of a surgery

• Patients who are told inconvenient to visit by their doctors

Who should not come to visit a patient;

• Children below the age of 10

• People who have active respiratory disease and who might have a contagious disease

• Risky people who might get an infection from the hospital

What should we care for while visiting a patient;

• Patients should be visited in visiting hours. The time of visit should not be over 5-7 minutes.

• Patients should not have more than 2 visitors near their beds, patient beds should not be used for a seat.

• Treatment materials of patients (Serum set, oxygen manometer, monitor etc.) should not be touched.

• Visitors should not talk loudly near patients.

• Patients should not be given foods apart from the ones that their doctor permits, in special occasions doctors should be told.

• Patient’s privacy should be respected.

• Gifts to patients may involve books, gazette, cologne.

• Any kind of words and behavior that may reduce the morale of patients should be avoided during visit.

• Visiting should not be requested unnecessarily and persistently out of the visiting hours.

• Patient rooms should be left when visiting hours are over without a warning.

Why Patients cannot be visited out of the Visiting Hours after 22:00?

• When personnel conditions are considered, there is a safety and control problems at night.

• In order to let the patients rest more, not to disturb other patients and to respect patient rights.

Optimed Private Hospital Visiting Hours are between 09:00 and 22:00.